Why Everyone Should Learn Mandarin


17% of the world’s population speaks Mandarin, compared with 5% for English!


Doing business in China depends on Guan Xi, meaning Relationships, which can be better fostered if you speak fluent Mandarin


The Chinese Language is among the most beautiful languages and has become a much sought-after skill among the Glitterati and Literati.


Being able to speak Mandarin makes traveling in China much easier than communicating through gestures and grunts!

Why the mandarin centre?

Beijing Mandarin

We don’t just teach Mandarin. We teach Beijing Mandarin which is the official dialect used all over China. You will learn to speak proper and fluent Mandarin.


Most of our teachers are native Mandarin speakers from China recruited based on experience and qualification in teaching Mandarin as a foreign Language.

Syllabus Quality

We use only high quality teaching materials that enable students to increase their general knowledge as they learn Mandarin. All materials used are imported from Beijing, China.

No Age Limit

We offer programs for both Adults and Children of all age groups.

Variety of Programs

We have a variety of courses where students can choose from to suit their individual needs. Besides the standard classes, we offer individual 1-on-1 lessons, in-house corporate training and other tailor-made classes to your convenience.

Small Classroom Sizes

Our group classroom sizes are small, so that students will be able to interact more in classes and given more attention by our teachers.

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